Anthony Frattolillo is a Director who’s work is soulful, inquisitive and steeped in emotion. He captures the soul and ethos of a place, a people, or a brand and the shared values that we all deeply connect to. His execution is poetic, lyrical and emotive. A self-taught musician since age 13, and film editor since age 16. All of Anthony’s pieces have a distinct rhythm and flow, as he often edits his own work. Anthony loves dealing with human stories of sacrifice and redemption, portraits of American life, and narratives that remind us about our visceral connection to nature, the Earth and the self.

Filmmaker, musician, amateur historian, gardener, coffee roaster. “I wear many hats,” you will often hear Anthony say. A big thinker at heart, who lives to explore the deep human insights that drive and connect us all.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Sarah Lawrence College with a focus in Creative Writing and Film; Anthony spent a year on the road traveling across the U.S. making a short doc for Heritage Foods profiling small family farmers and the chefs who support them. Anthony landed in Los Angeles in 2008 and started as a Copywriter for Voyage Media, began directing/editing digital branded content in-house for agencies like TBWA/Chiat/DayLA, and in 2014 had the honor of being invited to attend the Cannes Young Lions Program at The Cannes Festival of Creativity, to continue his education in brand marketing.

Anthony’s passion for telling stories that illustrate deep meaning about our shared values led him to work closely with Carhartt’s in-house creative and marketing team to direct The Road Home, celebrating Carhartt's 125th Anniversary. The campaign encompassed a road trip from Detroit to Denver, hosting live events, and creating an original film series to honor the spirit of craftsmanship and celebrate the values of the American worker. Anthony also composed original music for the anthem film which was shortlisted by the AICP Next Awards in 2015.

Anthony founded One Free Play in 2016, an integrated production company that has most recently done work with PartylandLA for Grounded Wine Co. and with Little & Co for Landscape Structures. In 2018 Anthony was enrolled to join the in-house Creative team at Airbnb working as a Story Creator and Senior Film Editor on the new Originals and Adventures platforms.

Anthony also wrote, directed and edited a narrative driven music video for one of his own songs entitled “Chains” by his band The Herbert Bail Orchestra. "Herbert Bail journeys into the American psyche" says Nowness. The new music video explores the existential angst of a young man searching for his inner strength and power. It was exclusively Released on The Deli Magazine and Featured in BuzzBandsLA. 

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